Brand thinking workshops


Branding is crucial to the success of change making ventures. We need to effectively and persuasively sell ideas, products and leadership for change. We believe branding is a skill that can be taught. We work with universities, investors, incubators and accelerators across the world to build brand thinking capability with their participants. From half day workshops to a 3 day Brand Thinking Masterclass, customised to the level and learning needs of your group.


A compact, collaborative and highly effective way to build branding thinking capabilities for groups! We help educational institutes, social impact investors, incubators and accelerators to empower their participants with the knowledge and skills needed to develop their own brands. Brand thinking helps to create a clear, compelling venture concept and a strategic plan to get the audiences and traction they need to be competitive. The training can be customised to each audience and context, from one on one coaching to an in-depth program of several days. We work with groups ranging from 5 to 25 participants. Our tools and knowledge resources continue to support the entrepreneurs after the workshop, enabling long term impact. 

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‘One hour with Anne on branding was more insightful and productive than one semester of branding classes during my MBA (albeit my MBA course was excellent).'
—Bermet Zozulinskaya, social entrepreneur, Hult Prize finalist



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