We have the immense pleasure to support ambitious changemakers by creating brands that help them get the audiences they deserve. We work with startups from Kenya to Ireland and from Saudi Arabia to the U.S. on topics as diverse as women's empowerment, mhealth or tech for wildlife conservation. We develop the brand strategy, create a verbal and visual identity, make an inspiring brand book and if desired, we can translate the brand to different experiences from communication to events. 


Internet of elephants


The Brandling has teamed up with tech startup Internet of Elephants to create a brand presence to gain the interest of the wildlife conservation sector, technologists, investors and test users. IOE has one big vision: to see 30 million people all over the world wake up in the morning to check where their elephant is. We've supported IOE from the first steps in their business model development, to their public launch, the sign up of the first major investor, and are now helping IOE to create traction for the on-boarding of test users.  





Leap is an mhealth platform designed in, and for, Africa. 
By 2035 the world will lack 13 million skilled doctors and nurses: people we need to keep our communities healthy. Governments, NGOs and (social) enterprises are training as many health care practitioners as they can. But it’s not easy: they have thousands of kilometres to cover and tens of thousands of people to train before they can offer every community a qualified doctor or nurse. But we have one great ally: the mobile phone. Through this device, Africa is the most connected continent in the world. Therefore AMREF, Safaricom, the MPESA Foundation, Accenture, Mezzanine and the Kenya Ministry of Health have created Leap, which offers governments, NGOs and (social) enterprises the means to train health care volunteers and professionals on a myriad of health topics at the push of a button, wherever they are and whenever it is needed. With Leap, you offer world-class health care training directly to people’s pockets, whether they are in Turkana or Nairobi. The Leap brand is implemented on media by a local agency. 



designathon works


Designathon Works is a unique design thinking method developed for children to empower and unleash their creativity to design a better world using new technologies. It develops educational methods and events that encourage children to use their natural creative problem solving abilities, and to explore innovative use of technologies. The Brandling and Designathon Works collaborate to create a brand that helps their unique educational method spread across the world. 



museum of peace and justice


In order to get support and funding for the Museum of Peace, Justice and Humanity in the Hague, its story needed to be told to investors, policy makers and stakeholders in the city. War and peace, conflict and struggle, human rights and democracy, are no easy topics. But they should be discussed, and where else but in The Hague, international city of peace and Justice? By visualising and verbalising the story of the museum concept and creating a not-to-be-ignored brand book, the projectteam was able to raise the support they needed. 




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