our story

The Brandling was founded on one simple truth. Great ideas for change are evenly distributed. Knowledge and quality resources on branding are not. So we asked ourselves: how can a family starting a fair trade lemonade factory in Sierra Leone or a starting tech for good company in Georgia, get access to the same branding knowledge as a company like Coca Cola? 


the pilot

Answering that question has taken us on a journey around the world, from the USA to Saudi Arabia and from Nairobi to Norway. We created our fundamental tool, the Brand Thinking Canvas, and a first workshop format and took it on a world tour to pilot it with our intended audiences.


Our pilot process: creating, testing, iterating our tools, training formats and support system. 


2015: A big ask


In 2015 we raised the funds to capture our knowledge and tools in an affordable, accessible toolkit through Kickstarter. All made possible by people who believe that great ideas deserve great brands! 


We evolved from Anne developing six brands a year for social enterprises, to a learning company that supports thousands of people across the world. Today, our method for designing brands for change is accessible and affordable to all. They are used to train social entrepreneurs in brand thinking, at incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces. And we have an amazing community of hundreds of change makers and allied brand experts in our online tribe on Facebook. We are also currently running a Train the Trainer pilot, to investigate how we can support social entrepreneurs in every country across the world by training local experts to deliver the Brand the Change method.

looking forward

In 2018, Brand the Change will become available worldwide through BIS publishers, we hope to raise funds to develop our full online Train the Trainer program. We want to translate the lively online tribe to local communities that organise meetups, create local case studies and exchange experiences, challenges and lessons.