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brand the change Meetups

Changemakers and brand experts come together to solve practical brand challenges and strengthen brands for change.



Meet the Dutch tribe, share an ask or contribute to a solution. Every first Wednesday of the month at the Mobile Company.


Maja Gcric
Melissa Arostegui
Ángel Figueroa Mayordomo



Join any of the themed meetups on the last Thursday of the month.


Emily Saturnino



Currently in prototyping stage, we’re hosting closed meetups with a select group of people to explore the right format.


Anne Miltenburg


Brand the Change Live

Inspiring speaker events hosted at Patagonia’s European headquarters in Amsterdam, where founders and brand experts share their brand building journeys. The next Brand The Change Live is coming in the fall of 2019.

Past events

Two world class brand managers share inspiration for creating campaigns and attracting like-minded customers.


  • Patagonia (outdoor wear, sustainability)

  • Triodos Bank (banking & finance, sustainability)

Lessons learned by two young food companies trying to change how we think about what we eat and drink, while building and growing their brands.


  • Dutch Weed Burger (food, vegan, hospitality)

  • Frank About Tea (food, fair trade, b2b)

Interesting lessons for those who are working in the retail, food or education space.


  • Yoni (feminine hygiene products, retail)

  • Tony’s Chocolonely (food, retail)

  • Designathon Works (education, innovation, children).

online events

Live online hangouts or speaking events open to all.

Past events

If you’d like a one hour personal introduction to brand thinking for change, this is the video to watch. In this +Acumen Learning Lab, Anne Miltenburg, founder of The Branding, shares her framework for learning to think like a brand strategist to grow your audience and impact.


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