Intern wanted! by Anne Miltenburg

We are looking for a passionate student to support us with lots of different activities at The Brandling. The work ranges from the mundane to the magical and everything in between: tasks that require a brain, knowledge of branding, good English skills, a sharp eye and a great nose for content. The internship starts in the first week of November. Applications are considered on a rolling basis, so apply as soon as you can!

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Why we can’t stop debating Purpose-marketing, and never should by Anne Miltenburg

Yesterday it was Nike and Gillette, today it’s Lego. As a brand developer, author, teacher and community builder that champions brand thinking as a critical skill to advance social and environmental change, I am confronted by the following question almost every single day for the past five years: ‘How should we think about brands espousing social justice issues? Is it a good or a bad development?’

Climate Strike! Four profound and practical ways the creative industries can join the effort by Anne Miltenburg

As professionals in the world of branding and communication, and the creative industries as a whole, we can play a significant role in systems change to address the climate crisis. Let’s ensure that the climate strike becomes more than a one day burst of energy followed by a year of business as usual. Here are four ways I believe we can make a profound long term change happen.

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Climate Strike! Selling sustainability by Anne Miltenburg

To honour the climate strike, we are sharing actionable information to support changemakers in their efforts to combat the climate crisis. First up: how can we better sell sustainability? It’s easy to think that the Climate Strike represents a sea change in people’s willingness to pursue a more sustainable lifestyle through their consumption patterns. In order to get more people to switch to sustainable foods, fashion and other consumer goods, it’s extremely important to realise that there is not ONE way to sell the concept of sustainability. So, how can we make sustainability a successful selling point?

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Alumni spotlight: The Purpose Playground by Anne Miltenburg

This fall, we are putting the spotlight on alumni of our Brand The Change Trainers’ Programme. I always jokingly refer to our trainers as ‘my snowflakes’: entirely unique people, with widely different cultural backgrounds, levels of experience and fields of expertise. First up in the series are Juliette Schraauwers and Marlene Zehnter of the Purpose Playground.

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Presenting: Class One of our trainers programme by Anne Miltenburg

We are really proud to present the next cohort of professionals in our Brand The Change Trainer Programme. After running two pilot programmes, we are now kicking off officially this spring. Class One hails from nine different countries and features people with very different experiences and skillsets: from marketing at a large entertainment company, to personal coaching for millennials, and everything in between, this class will truly bring brand thinking skills to all layers and corners of society.

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