Make Black Friday A Good Friday / by Anne Miltenburg

 Today is Black Friday and with every year that passes, the event moves more in the direction of a coordinated environmental disaster.  We want to show our love for friends and family through gifts, but we do so in such a massive and unsustainable way that we are hurting our planet and many of the people involved in the production of those gifts. We can turn the tide in two ways: promote the idea of minimalism and gifting experiences rather than stuff , or try and shift people to gift gifts that make a positive impact.


This spring, we met Zoë Quirck, founder of This Because, who is doing the latter.  

Zoë was one of the winners in a round of give aways of our Branding Toolkit for Changemakers. We started a conversation and since then, we regularly hang out by the proverbial water cooler to share ideas on branding, storytelling and doing good. Zoë founded the online store This Because to help people buy great looking products that do good at the same time. She is the living example of the movement we want to support: to make doing good so enticing to consumers that we can create a paradigm shift towards a world where doing good as well as making a profit is the new status quo of business. 

Vote with your wallet

Here are some great products from This Because to make you look good as a giver and feel good about your impact. This Because has a pop up store on Broadwick Street in Soho (London) for the holiday season, or find the products in their online store. 

1. chocolates by harry specter

For the boyfriend who puts up with your one track mind. This Because Harry Specter’s award winning chocolate helps create opportunities and employment for people with autism.

2. Pillow covers by Fine Cell Work

For the feminist mom who never taught you how to sow, because she knew that you would end up doing all the sowing in your household. This Because Fine Cell Work teaches prisoners needlework to give them the confidence and financial means to support themselves upon release. 

3. Shoes by Juta

For your teenage niece: espadrilles to spark some sisterly solidarity. This Because you will be supporting the employment of marginalised women in London. By the way, Juta is also currently crowdfunding! 

4. Elephant Gin

To gently push your father from being a casual birder to full blown wildlife conservationist simply by having a drink. This because Elephant Gin helps raise funds for conservation.

5. Reddendi ties

For the MBA toting brother in law whose ambition knows no bounds. This Because Reddendi ties create education across the globe


Please note this is an independent post, we do not receive any payment or kickbacks from featuring This Because or any of the featured product brands. We created this post to support Zoë and the brands she represents because we believe in what This Because and the brands stand for.