More great branding tools and resources / by Anne Miltenburg

These five tools and resources are the perfect companions to our book, Brand the Change. They offer an extra layer of depth if you are building a personal brand or a community, if you want to improve your storytelling or dive deeper into your product or service's value proposition. They each offer incredible value at prices between zero and $30. 

Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans


This book by Stanford professors Burnett and Evans is the perfect process to go through before embarking on the development of your personal brand. The book helps you to prototype your way towards a career and life you love. 

Community canvas 

Social and environmental change thrive through better built communities, and the team behind the Community Canvas has fifteen years of experience on the topic. They've turned an intangible, hard to manage topic into a science and a skill, and their wide library of resources is a great place from which to hone your community building and management skills. The website, canvas and facebook community are a great place to start, and the blog of Fabian Pfortmueller on Medium is a great place to dig deeper. If you are looking to create a community fuelled brand, this resource is a must.

Value Proposition Canvas by Strategyzer


A classic by the makers of the mothers of all canvasses, the Business Model Canvas, that helps you map the pains and gains of your customer, which is a crucial foundation underneath any brand. It never fails to create some much needed insights on how you can articulate the true value of your service or product better. Don't be intimidated by the business language, take your time and it will work its wonders.

Storytelling worksheet by marshall ganz

The authority on storytelling for change, Marshall Ganz, worked with the Obama campaign and is a senior lecturer in public policy at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. His worksheet on storytelling is the simplest yet strongest method to construct your story that we've seen. 

Rules for Revolutionaries: How Big Organizing Can Change Everything by Becky Bond and Zack Exley


Rules for Revolutionaries tells the story of a breakthrough experiment conducted on the fringes of the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign: a technology-driven team empowered volunteers to build and manage the infrastructure to make 75 million calls, launch 8 million text messages, and hold more than 100,000 public meetings—in an effort to put Bernie’s insurgent campaign over the top. We all know how it ended, but that doesn't make the lessons any less valuable. 

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