Case studies

The Branding Case of Soko by Anne Miltenburg

The artisan craft industry is the second largest employer in the developing world. Its workers are also some of the most disenfranchised. On average, women account for 80% of the workforce, but make only 10% of the income. Fashion brand/tech company Soko provides a way for artisans to improve their livelihoods by connecting them directly with market demand around the world through a first-generation mobile phone marketplace. This approach matches existing consumer behaviour with responsibly sourced products, proving that ethical small-scale production can feed the mainstream market.

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The Unreasonable Advantage of Easkey Britton by Anne Miltenburg

In the past ten years, I’ve worked with myriad types of entrepreneurs, from walks of life as varied as industrial belt manufacturers to human rights activists. But it wasn’t until I walked down the beach of Donegal, Ireland, with big wave surfer Easkey Britton, that it struck me that actually, entrepreneurs really only come in two flavours. And once you know which type you are, you can make it your unreasonable advantage. 

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Michael, Chief Creative Officer, 12 years old by Anne Miltenburg

When Emer Beamer and I first spoke about her accelerator project, I was a bit baffled. Educating children to be designers? As a professional designer who had to go through years of design school in order to obtain the title, the thought had never occurred to me. Spending time with Emer, going through her methodology and design process, I became a believer. Unfortunately, in our current educational system we teach children out of creativity. Emer Beamer has the vision, the tools and the hands on experience to do things differently. 

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