We Proudly Present: Class Zero of our Train the Trainers Program! by Anne Miltenburg

At the Brandling, we want change makers all over the world to have the knowledge and tools they need to build stronger brands. But we can't do it alone: we need experienced, passionate allies all over the world who use our tools and methods, combined with their own expertise, to make a real difference. On our quest to support thousands of changemakers worldwide, we now present the next chapter in our journey: Class Zero of our Train the Trainers Program! Meet our 15 future trainers.

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wanted: your suggestions on strong Arab brands by Anne Miltenburg

This fall, JA Publishers in Jordan will launch the Arabic edition of our book, Brand the Change. Now we can deliver an Arabic edition for those who love to explore the content in their own language. A big pillar of the book are the case studies from around the world: we feature cases from Kenya to the US. However, for the English edition, we searched but never found a good case study from the MENA region, and so for the Arabic edition, we are opening up the search again! And we need your ears and eyes!

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At the plumbers house by Anne Miltenburg

In my native country we have a saying: at the plumbers house the taps always leak. I’ve heard people all over the world use it in different wording: the cobbler’s children have no shoes, the chef goes home to bread and water. So that is me: the plumber, cobbler, chef. 

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