Let's #brandthechange by Anne Miltenburg

In our work with clients and during workshops, we often do a manifesto exercise. Drafting a manifesto together is a great way to get aligned with each others vision and the ethics that guide your behaviour. It builds a sense of company culture. It is a way to get your internal team rallied behind a shared sense of purpose and to attract like minded people out there in the world. We had wanted to do this for two years but it kept being de-prioritised. Like so many things, it seemed important but not urgent. But recent events in the world made us realise, no: it is important and very urgent, as a matter of fact, we've already lost time. So we decided to eat our own dog food. Here's the result. Let us know what you think...

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Monday Must Read: One-for-One 2.0 by Anne Miltenburg

I've been openly critical of the One-for-one model, and the originator of the concept, American shoe brand Toms' for some time. That is why I loved the article by Leigh Buchanan, editor at large of Inc. Magazine, on the second act of Blake Mycoskie, the founder of Toms' shoes. The article, 'What is next for Toms', thoughtfully traces Mycoskies journey as an entrepreneur and philanthropist, the criticism of the giving model and how the company has reworked their impact model.

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the power of depiction by Anne Miltenburg

As a brand developer that deeply believes in diversity, a feminist and a sister, daughter and wife to men who are committed husbands and fathers, I am keenly aware of the opportunity I have to portray women and men in ways that support progress. Through the photography we commission, or the stock photography we purchase, we send a message about gender roles, the workplace, families and what type of life we can aspire to. 

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