brand thinking canvas

Alumni spotlight: The Purpose Playground by Anne Miltenburg

This fall, we are putting the spotlight on alumni of our Brand The Change Trainers’ Programme. I always jokingly refer to our trainers as ‘my snowflakes’: entirely unique people, with widely different cultural backgrounds, levels of experience and fields of expertise. First up in the series are Juliette Schraauwers and Marlene Zehnter of the Purpose Playground.

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Designing brand experiences part 1: Events by Pauline Taks

A brand is only as strong as the meaningful ways in which you bring it to life. In the daily trenches of entrepreneurship it can be tough to generate fresh new ideas to build your brand, when there are so many options and you never know what will move the dial for you. So we are starting a series of  blogs to inspire you with things that we know work for our clients, friends and like minded entrepreneurs. We'll do that according to each category of interactions as we have defined in our Brand Thinking Canvas. This week: events.

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Branding at the beach by Anne Miltenburg

As an entrepreneur, it's hard to make the time and headspace to craft your brand strategy during the endless cycle of daily tasks and emergencies that clog up your agenda. With the summer as a time where so many of those distractions slow down to a manageable pace, this is the perfect time to block two mornings to work on your brand. 

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