personal branding

Drive: a female brand developer on the road in Saudi Arabia by Anne Miltenburg

“No one has ever asked us what our dream job would be.” The head of Alf Darb academy translates for me to english, gathering up feedback from 25 female participants in the pilot of a custom designed Self Branding Toolkit. “I feel like I was lost in a maze, and you have showed me the way forward.”. The smiles in the group radiate towards me. Even in something as functional as giving feedback, the poetic beauty of Arabic cannot help but slip through. And yet, it’s the end of a week of so many completely foreign impressions and deep emotions, that even such profoundly moving feedback isn’t the highlight.

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The Unreasonable Advantage of Easkey Britton by Anne Miltenburg

In the past ten years, I’ve worked with myriad types of entrepreneurs, from walks of life as varied as industrial belt manufacturers to human rights activists. But it wasn’t until I walked down the beach of Donegal, Ireland, with big wave surfer Easkey Britton, that it struck me that actually, entrepreneurs really only come in two flavours. And once you know which type you are, you can make it your unreasonable advantage. 

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