Differentiate or die: five ways to stand out from the social impact crowd by Anne Miltenburg

In 2016, in an article for the Stanford Social Innovation review, I wrote that social good will not be a differentiator forever. As products and services for social and environmental good are becoming more common, social entrepreneurs and organisations in the social sector will have to get better at differentiating themselves beyond their social missions. Here are four inspirational examples of social impact brands that stand out from the crowd.

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Social sector brands: drop the jargon! by Anne Miltenburg

I am in the middle of a brand thinking course for professionals in the social sector and today NGO-speak came up. It can dictate the voice of some of the most reputable players in the social sector. "X supports social entrepreneurs who are leading and collaborating with changemakers in a team-of-teams model that addresses the fluidity of a rapidly evolving society." For real? To change the world, maybe we need to change the words. Here are ten brands that get it right. 

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Five mistakes that social entrepreneurs make when crafting their brands by Anne Miltenburg

As a brand developer, I’ve met countless social entrepreneurs all over the world: people with an extreme passion for social or environmental impact. They have a lot to master in order to make their ventures succeed – from setting up a production chain, to technology, HR, complex investment structures, and more. Branding is yet another discipline to conquer, and though entrepreneurs see it as crucial, they often feel they lack...

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