We Proudly Present: Class Zero of our Train the Trainers Program! by Anne Miltenburg

At the Brandling, we want change makers all over the world to have the knowledge and tools they need to build stronger brands. But we can't do it alone: we need experienced, passionate allies all over the world who use our tools and methods, combined with their own expertise, to make a real difference. On our quest to support thousands of changemakers worldwide, we now present the next chapter in our journey: Class Zero of our Train the Trainers Program! Meet our 15 future trainers.

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Treat yourself to a brand thinking day! by Anne Miltenburg

This February, we launched the Branding Toolkit for Changemakers to help social entrepreneurs to build stronger brands. Now that the toolkit is published, we love to help you get started with the tools. Of course, any organisation is in a different phase, but whatever stage you are in (whether you just created a concept, found your business model, or if you are scaling), we highly recommend treating yourself (and your team) to half a day of brand thinking! 

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