brand the change 

the branding guide for social entrepreneurs,
disruptors, not-for-profits and corporate troublemakers


From crowdfunded, self-publishing success to book stores across the world: Brand the Change is your ultimate guide to building a brand for change. 

This third edition of our book, published by BIS Publishers and distributed by Thames & Hudson, is completely revised and updated. It brings you all the knowledge, tools and exercises you need to build your own brand in one publication. It unpacks the brand building process in practical steps, offers you the tools and exercises to build your own brand, offers a rich array of tips from trademarking to digital marketing, and inspires with case studies of successful change making brands. 


  • The branding process step by step (in four phases comprising 22 steps)

  • The anatomy of a strong brand unpacked with dozens of examples of successful brands

  • 23 tools and exercises to build your own brand, including the acclaimed Brand Thinking Canvas

  • 13 Case studies of change making brands: Tony's Chocolonely, BRCK, Macmillan Cancer Support, Soko, Yoni, THNK, Dr. Ayana Johnson (leader of the March for Science), Sanergy and others, in which the founders share their experiences and lessons learned in brand building

  • The debate: is social good always good branding?

  • 7 Guest essays by leading experts with brand building tips. Roshan Paul explains the principles of storytelling for change, Marleen Splinter gives you a heads up on legal matters, Simon Buckby explains how the PR game works, Ben Matthews shares the basics of digital marketing, Suzanne van Gompel will help you avoid expensive mistakes of building brand architecture and Stella van Himbergen enlightens us about branding sustainable products.

Do you already have the first or second edition of the book? Read the FAQ to see what is new in this edition! 

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English Edition

English Edition

Arabic Edition (ships worldwide)

Arabic Edition (ships worldwide)





Specifications english edition

  • Publisher: BIS Publishers (January 30, 2018)

  • Language: English

  • Paperback 224 pages

  • Product Dimensions 8.5 x 0.8 x 10 inches

  • Shipping Weight 1.4 pounds

  • ISBN-10 9063694784

  • ISBN-13 978-9063694784

  • Ebook epub, kindle, ibook

  • E-ISBN 978 90 6369 510 1

Specifications arabic edition

مواصفات الكتاب

رقم ISBN للكتاب:  9789923120200‎
عدد الصفحات:  228 صفحة
الأبعاد: 25  سم *  21 سم
سنة الطباعة: 2018


what people are saying

‘We want people to be change makers not just change thinkers. These branding tools help Amani Fellows to effectively sell the change they want to see in the world.’—Roshan Paul, president of the Amani Institute

'The toolkit has arrived. And it is amazing. Great work. A lot of time and hard work has gone into it.' –Wasim, London

‘Our participants blossomed before our eyes within hours of working with the Brand Thinking Canvas. It was a truly inspiring moment.’ —Princess Reema Bint Bandar Al Saud, founder of Alf Khair

'Really great toolkit. I follow Anne since first edition and love the content. Thanks! Really useful and easy to use in context on my projects!' – Vincent Dromer, Paris

'This is awesome stuff. We are going to use this method for all the ventures in our portfolio.' –Dave, Rotterdam

'Great Tool! It has helped create a framework for brand management, it challenges my clients to think in a more strategic and methodical way..' – Amazon customer, USA.

'We use the toolkit to help our clients transform their business by engaging their employees to join the change tribe. The tools and exercises enable teams to see organisational change as a positive movement they can all be a part of.' –Manuel Grassler, Haufe

The Arabic edition of Brand the Change is published by  Jabal Amman Publishers .

The Arabic edition of Brand the Change is published by Jabal Amman Publishers.

The first edition of the toolkit was made possible by 271 backers on  Kickstarter  in 2015.

The first edition of the toolkit was made possible by 271 backers on Kickstarter in 2015.