The Brand Thinking Canvas


The Brand Thinking Canvas is a tool to create your own brand framework. It helps you to define who you are, what you do and why it matters, who your audience is and how you can direct what they think and feel about you through brand building interactions. A strong brand does not come about by accident: there is a method beneath the magic. We invented the Brand Thinking Canvas to help everyone build their brand using a quality framework. 



The Brand Thinking Canvas part One and Two and an eight-page manual as pdf's. Each license allows you to print a copy for your own use.

  • Brand Thinking Canvas Part 1+2 as a pdf in English, Spanish, German, French or Portuguese

  • An 8 page manual (in English)

The digital edition of the Brand Thinking Canvas is sold through Gumroad, an online sales tool for digital creative products. Gumroad handles the orders, payment and invoicing.

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paper edition 

A robust set of A0 or A2 synthetic paper posters to enable multiple workshops and frequent use. Sets are shipped out within 2 days of your order. 

  • Brand Thinking Canvas Part 1+2 in English, Spanish, German, French or Portuguese

  • Size: A0 or A2

  • Printed on robust 210 g/m² synthetic paper that can be re-used over and over again

  • A printed manual (optional)

The canvasses are sold through Stattys, an innovation tool company. Stattys handles the orders, payment and invoicing.


‘Our participants blossomed before our eyes within hours of working with the Brand Thinking Canvas. It was a truly inspiring moment.’ 
—Princess Reema Bint Bandar Al Saud, Alf Khair, Saudi Arabia

"We use these tools to help our clients transform their business by engaging their employees to join the change tribe. The tools and exercises enable teams to see organisational change as a positive movement they can all be a part of." –Manuel Grassler, Visionen Bauen, Germany

'This is an amazing tool to help you discover why you do what you do and become WHO. YOU. ARE. It has helped me build a rock solid foundation moving forward into the unknown with all my initiatives. It helps you communicate your truth by stripping it all back to the essence. If you don't know who your audience is, this will help reveal new ones you didn't even see before. It’s something I apply again and again with each new project I initiate.'
–Easkey Britton. Surfer, scientist, activist


Tips & tricks


work digitally

Do you want to work on your canvas digitally? We love working with the Brand Thinking Canvas in Realtimeboard, a free online whiteboard software. Just paste your licensed copy of the canvas into a new board and use the digital stickies to create your brand blueprint. 

Stuck on your vision and mission?


Don't worry: you are not alone. Though vision and mission are the most famous elements of a brand blueprint, they are also the most misunderstood and confuse people the most. We created a free tool, The Climb, to help you out.