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The Brandling is a learning company based in Nairobi. We exist to democratise branding knowledge and build brand thinking skills in order to advance ideas for social and environmental change.


We develop tools, training formats and tribes to build stronger brands for change. We create our own high quality learning products in formats and at cost points that make them accessible to all, and bespoke learning experiences for organisations looking to build brand thinking capability with a particular group of people.

Our revenue generating activities (like sales of tool licenses, book sales, training fees, brand consultancy and custom educational projects) support our ongoing research and development, free events, community management and scholarships for trainers in low income countries. By commissioning us for assignments and respecting the terms and conditions of our licenses you directly contribute to our efforts to create a better world through better brands for change. 


We have a core team which we expand with particular expertise to fit the challenge at hand, and the cultures where our services will be implemented.


Anne Miltenburg

Claudia Chow
Research Assistance

Jennette Plooij
Host of Brand the Change Live, Amsterdam

Ton Persoon & Patrick van Gerwen

Production Support

Neil Simmons & Arne Hendriks
Our advisors extraordinaire

Johanna Robinson
Editor & proofreader, our sharp eye in the fight against Dunglish

Anje Jager
Anje creates our gorgeous illustrations



Our homebase is Nairobi, one of the world’s hotbeds of social innovation. Nairobi represents the challenges and opportunities the world faces today, and Nairobians embody the spirit of optimism, social engagement and entrepreneurship that will help us tackle some of the most pressing challenges of our time. Don’t take it from us, take it from National Geographic.

Visit us!

The Founrdy, 1st floor of Viking House
Westlands Roundabout, Wayaki Way
Nairobi, Kenya

The very best way to contact us is via email: info@the-brandling.com
Snail mail can be directed to our p.o. box. but please don’t send us valuable materials
and let us know in advance if you plan to send a parcel so we can send detailed instructions.

The Brandling is owned and operated by:

Brand the Change Ltd
Pobox 00479, Nairobi 00606


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