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We create customised online or offline training programmes for educators, investors/funds and social impact organisations. We develop a creative, engaging programme to help your participants, students or employees develop their brand thinking skills to your specific learning goals.


building branding bosses
in sierra leone

for Adam Smith International


Effective branding and marketing has been signalled as a limit to the growth of Sierra Leonean businesses at home and abroad. The first step to creating an branding ecology where Sierra Leonean businesses benefit, is to create people who have the knowledge and the skills to build them. Currently, marketing is a hustle, not a profession. And when it is not a profession, there is little space for professionalism.

We were commissioned to create a two week ‘branding bootcamp’: an intense two week course about the basics of branding and marketing focussed on Base of the Pyramid practices. A combination of theory, practice, case studies and local guest experts, the program supported local talent to grow in their profession and professionalism. 

We developed the course as a 'program-in-a-box': a fully documented course that can be run and delivered by local trainers. We facilitated the first course on location in Freetown in July of 2017, and will be run by the Freetown Business School from here on out.

The bootcamp was commissioned by Adam Smith International, funded by DfiD (the UK Department for International Development), and developed in partnership with the Freetown Business School and SOBA (Sierra Leone Opportunities for Business Action).


brand thinking for innovation

for the Dutch Ministry of Defense


As a large organisation struggling to stay relevant and to find new purpose, you can get caught up in endless introspection, reorientation and discussion, which swallows up vast amounts of energy and headspace.  To help kick start new ideas, a brand thinking program can yield big, fresh ideas in a short amount of time. It challenges your initial vision, rises assumptions and helps you to look at your brand from a whole new perspective.

The Dutch Ministry of Defense created an innovation lab to create a designated space for new thinking around the role of the Ministry and the army, air force and navy. Colonel Elanor Boekholt-O'Sullivan, head of the innovation effort, asked us to design a program that would explore what brand thinking could do for the innovation of the armed forces.

Read about the workshop in our blogpost: the Ministry of Peace.


brand thinking skills for the social sector

for the Amani Institute


Professionals in the social sector have a lot of challenges on the road to impact, and one of them is to sell their concepts for change effectively and compellingly. Branding, marketing and communication are often considered 'overhead' in the social sector, but Amani Institute believes that selling your vision for change is crucial to your succes as a changemaker.

We created a custom 3 day Brand Thinking for Changemakers course, which trains participants to think like brand strategists and create brands and messages that are compelling, convincing and actionable.

The program includes an introduction to branding in the social sector, group discussions, visiting guest lecturers, individual exercises and pitching. At the end of the course, participants have created a brand strategy for their own venture which they can immediately put to action.

‘We want people to be changemakers not just change thinkers. The Brand Thinking for Changemakers course helps Amani Fellows to effectively sell the change they want to see in the world.’ —Roshan Paul, president of the Amani Institute


online learning lab

for +acumen


For renown changemaker organisation Acumen, Anne created a 90 minute Brand Thinking for Change Learning Lab. This learning lab was created to go deeper into existing +Acumen content on general branding practices. It is a short but in-depth introduction to the specific challenges social impact professionals face in building their brand, and tips and tricks to address them.


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