More (free) resources to build your brand for change

We are on a mission to demystify branding and democratise quality brand building knowledge. Find a selection of freely available resources below.


Brand the Change Events

Find great insights, tips and tricks, fails and wins, by social entrepreneurs and brand managers as shared at our public events.


If you’d like a one hour personal introduction to brand thinking for change, this is the video to watch. In this +Acumen Learning Lab, Anne Miltenburg, founder of The Branding, shares her framework for learning to think like a brand strategist to grow your audience and impact.

Two world class brand managers share inspiration for creating campaigns and attracting like-minded customers.


  • Patagonia (outdoor wear, sustainability)

  • Triodos Bank (banking & finance, sustainability)

Interesting lessons for those who are working in the retail, food or education space.


  • Yoni (feminine hygiene products, retail)

  • Tony’s Chocolonely (food, retail)

  • Designathon Works (education, innovation, children).

Lessons learned by two young food companies trying to change how we think about what we eat and drink, while building and growing their brands.


  • Dutch Weed Burger (food, vegan, hospitality)

  • Frank About Tea (food, fair trade, b2b)



We are building a database of inspiration and resources for anyone to tap into. Do you want to contribute to these lists? Send your suggestions to:


Sustainable promotion list

We have to walk the talk: while creating brands for social and environmental change, we also should be thoughtful about the sustainability of the items we produce to promote the brand. We are building a collection of producers of sustainable brand swag.

brands for change list

We are building a database of examples of strong brands for change across sectors and continents. These brands inspire us and offer lots of insights and tips for others looking to create their own brand.

Image: Hannes Grobe


Our reading list

Coming soon: our list of great reads at the intersection of branding, marketing and social change.


More tips and tricks

the climb: define your mission and vision 

It is easy to get lost in all the branding terminology. The Climb Tool makes the difference between a vision and a mission crystal clear and helps you get yours right. Illustrated with examples from existing, inspiring brands. We use it constantly in our workshops and it works wonders. 


on the blog

The 230+ pages of Brand The Change just weren’t enough. Find all additional essays with tips and trips from the blog in this collection.

ask the community

Would you like feedback on your own Brand Thinking Canvas? Are you struggling with your brand positioning? Are you looking for creatives in your area? Chances are someone in our online community will have an answer.


other tools

There are lots of amazing resources out there for anyone looking to build their brand. We've selected a few which complement our method nicely, which we use ourselves, and can highly recommend.


value proposition canvas by strategyzer

This classic canvas helps you map the pains and gains of your customer. It never fails to create some much needed insights on how you can articulate the true value of your service or product better. Don't be intimidated by the business language, take your time and it will work its wonders.

storytelling worksheet by marshall ganz

The authority on storytelling for change, Marshall Ganz, worked with the Obama campaign and is a senior lecturer in public policy at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. His worksheet on storytelling is the simplest yet strongest method to construct your story that we've seen. 

Hyper Island Toolbox

A resource kit you can use to apply creative collaboration and unleash potential in your team or organization.

The community canvas

Are you thinking of building a community based brand? The Community Canvas is a useful framework that helps people and organizations build stronger communities. We can also highly recommend the writing of Fabian Pfortmüller, the creator of the canvas.