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We are proud to bring together a growing tribe of change making entrepreneurs, scientists, activists and corporate innovators together with branding allies (strategists, communication experts, copy writers and creatives) in an online community. We share asks, tips and lessons learned in branding. It does not matter where you are from or what your level of expertise is, our tribe has your back! Let's #brandthechange together!


Communities matter because:

  • ...being connected to like minded people provides the energy and support you need to sustain your efforts
  • ...for every challenge you have, there is someone with the same questions or who has found a solution
  • ...together, we are a brain trust, think tank and case study library all rolled into one!
  • ...building your network globally and locally provides you with more professional opportunities

Local meetups

By signing up to the online tribe, we'll also be able to keep you in the loop about our plans to organise local meetups and to organise tribes around language such as Spanish, Portugese, German and Arabic, to make our method accessible to even more people.