the organisation


The Brandling is a learning company based in Nairobi, the hub of social enterprise and innovation. We are advocates of the power of brand thinking and use our expertise to advance causes like education, health care, conservation, science, women's empowerment, justice and global equality. 



We are a core team of experts dedicated to the idea that brand thinking can be a force for good. The core team is expanded with particular expertise to fit the challenge at hand, whether it is creating a new educational program in Saudi Arabia or developing a tech-for-good brand in Kenya.


Anne Miltenburg

Juliette Schraauwers
Communication Design

Janüska Dawood
Brand strategy & Marketing

Carlette Chepnego
Base of the Pyramid Marketing

Ton Persoon & Patrick van Gerwen
DTP & Production

our BFF's

Neil Simmons & Arne Hendriks
Our advisors extraordinaire

Johanna Robinson
Editor & proofreader, our sharp eye in the fight against Dunglish

Pauline Taks, Clemence Lagarde, Dhvani Tombush and Asja Keeman
Our amazing former interns and research assistants

Anje Jager
Anje creates our gorgeous illustrations


how we operate

The Brandling is a Social Enterprise. Everything we do is measured against our vision: does this contribute to building a knowledge bank on branding for social and environmental good, and can we make it accessible to people in every corner of the world? If the answer is yes, we move forward.

Through our work, we have shown that building brands for social good is an expertise and skill that are highly valuable, and that brand thinking educational programs help businesses grow and those who fund social enterprise get a better return on their investment. 

Today, our revenue generating activities like sales of tool licenses, book sales, training fees, brand consultancy and custom educational projects, support our ongoing research and development, community management and pro-bono consultancy for selected causes in low income countries. 

By commissioning us for assignments and respecting the terms and conditions of our licenses you directly contribute to our efforts to create a better world through better brands. 



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