trainers certification program

applications for spring 2019 closed

Are you a brand strategist, marketeer, communications expert, creative or coach who wants to use our branding method for your own clients or workshop participants? Our tried and tested workshop formats and tools offer a great foundation for your professional practice. Starting in the spring of 2019, we will run our third six month trainers program with a select group of 15 participants. The program will help you master the tools, build a trainers practice, and develop your content expertise. We are opening up all our knowledge on workshop formats, facilitation best practices and marketing the workshops and training to your audiences.


When we started The Brandling in 2014, we asked ourselves how we can create a world where a family starting a fair trade lemonade factory in Sierra-Leone can have access to as much knowledge on branding as a company like Coca-Cola. Our tools and training formats are one step in the direction, but changemakers all over the world need access to local expertise at all times. Empowering local, independent trainers to work with our tried and tested tools and training formats means we can multiply our impact and accelerate the change we want to see in the world. Independent trainers can tailor the method and workshops to their audience in the ways they believe are the best fit, and build local, relevant case studies. Through the program, we support trainers to create a thriving professional practice and together as a tribe, we can exchange knowledge and experience, and create new career opportunities.

what is the value for trainers?

Ever since we launched our tools and workshops, we have had lots of requests from other branding experts if they can train to become a trainer themselves. The tools and workshop method can be the foundation for a workshop or trainers practice, as support in a consultancy process for agencies or independent consultants or designers, or as tools that support a coaching process or educational program. After three years of piloting our tools and method and fine tuning our work, we are now ready to open up our knowledge and work for other professionals. 

the trainers program

After running a pilot in 2017, and a 'Class Zero' in 2018, we will run the official ‘Class One’ in 2019. The trainers program is a blended format of a full trainers manual, online presentations and hangouts, individual course work and peer coaching sessions.

We are looking for 15 highly motivated participants who love to be involved early on in a process, and who love not just to take part in the program, but also want to help shape it by active involvement and feedback.

what we will cover

The trainers program consists of seven modules that each cover an important aspect of the trainers practice. The content of each module is documented in our trainers guideline. Each module chapter is delivered at the start of a new module.


The content of the trainers module has been developed based on our experience running workshops and trainings with over 1200 participants in different sectors, countries and different stages of business and 3o participants of the past trainer programs. 

What you get

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 17.13.45.png

The trainers course consists of a mix of online and offline activities with group interaction and individual work. 

  • Two online hangouts per month

  • Independent studies and assignments, with feedback

  • A full trainers manual of 160+ pages, delivered in seven modules

  • A certificate of participation for those who complete the course at a satisfactory level

  • A license to train an unlimited amount of participants for one year

  • Peer coaching

  • A platform for interaction with faculty and other (past) participants

Time commitment

In order to get the most out of the program, trainers should expect to reserve at least 16 hours a month. The exact time commitment depends on the depth of studies and in which phase of developing a professional trainers practice you are. 

  • 4 hours a month for online hangouts, between March and September 2019, twice a month on Tuesdays at 18.00hrs Nairobi time

  • 12+ hours for individual studies and assignments a month

Because the quality of the program depends in part on the commitment and interaction of the entire group of aspiring trainers, we ask all applicants to consider whether this time commitment is possible in combination with other professional and personal obligations.


The fee for Class One is €1.200,-

We have two scholarships available for participants who are citizens of a country with a GNI per capita of $10,000 or less, or trainers who are part of, or work with marginalised communities. If you want to apply for the scholarship, please indicate this in the application form.

Participant profiles

The trainers program is developed for the needs of:

  • Brand experts, designers, strategists and communication specialists with 4 or more years professional experience

  • Coaches or facilitators with a strong affinity with branding

  • Educators in the field of branding/marketing, creative industries, or business

The program is open to participants from all countries, however do take into account the online hangouts take place at 6pm/18.00hrs Nairobi time, which makes participation for participants based in the Far East or West Coast of the Americas a little harder (but we leave it up to you whether you can deal with 5am or 11pm calls).

experience & diversity

The stronger the class, the better for us all! Therefore we will select participants on relevant professional experience, as well as the right fit in the group. We aim to create the right mix of diversity in geographic location, cultural background and gender. Members of our Trainers Network who are already working with the canvas will be prioritised. Check out the profiles of the pilot participants and 2018 participants to get an idea of the diversity we are looking for. 

application process

We have a maximum of 15 spots available in the program, and participants will be selected based on individual qualifications as well as a fit with the group. The deadline for applications is Thursday the 31st of January 2019.

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