become a trainer

Learn to apply our tools to building brands for businesses and causes that matter to you. Are you a brand strategist, communications expert, creative, coach or entrepreneurs who wants to use our method for your own clients or workshop participants? Our tried and tested workshop formats and tools offer a great foundation for your professional practice. 


Why a trainers program?

When we started The Brandling in 2014, we asked ourselves how we can create a world where a family starting a fair trade lemonade factory in Sierra-Leone can have access to as much knowledge on branding as a company like Coca-Cola. Our tools and trainings are one step in the direction, but the ability to access local experts and trainings on a permanent basis is a crucial leap. Empowering local, independent trainers to work with our high quality tools and training formats means we can multiply our impact and accelerate the change we want to see in the world. 

coming in 2017

We are currently piloting a train the trainer program with 12 trainers across the world. After its final module in September of 2017, we will create a full program. Leave us your contact details and we will keep you up to date on developments.

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