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We are working on a new platform for brand experts, creatives, coaches and educators and trainers who use the Brand The Change methodology and tools in their own independent professional practices. This community platform will be 100% dedicated to supporting you in creating the best learning experiences for your participants and clients, getting the most out of the tools, exchange experiences and questions, and creating opportunities together. We aim to go live in the fall. Sign up to be notified when we launch!


What is included in the platform

  • A community of peers to exchange experiences, challenges and learnings with.

  • A library of resources, articles and additional tools and methods to deepen your practice.

  • Share your training needs and vote on improvements, prioritising new features or translations to new languages.

  • A download package of tools and exercises, ready for training (to use in slides or as handouts in print).

  • A license to train unlimited number of participants a year (T&C apply).

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If you have any questions about any part of the platform or licensing our tools for your own trainers practice, please feel free to contact us via